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The Land of the Midnight Sun

Hi this is all about our trip to Norway. The crew on this trip were Ada (plus van), Fish, Nigel (Stig) Hampton and myself. We took a ferry to Gothenburg, were we met Stig and then drove up through Sweden, into Norway, eventually ending up in Sjoa (near Lillehammer). As an attempt to keep this page short, I'm going to do a river guide and then make a few comments at the end, I could write pages of rubbish if did full descriptions of our paddles. Okay, to try to give you an idea of paddling in Norway - imagine a big river, no bigger then that, drop the water temperature to very cold, make the water more pure then a bottle of Buxton, and add 24 hours a day sun-light, now add more rocks and make the river steeper, now you've got it. For people with no imagination, try this, go to a gym, get on a rowing machine, start rowing at a reasonable speed, get two friends to spray you with hoses and a third to occasionally throw a bucket of water over you, now you got it.

Gradient Graphs of Rivers - Dart included for comparison

Now, in no particular order, the rivers:-

The Sjoa

We spent five days paddling the Sjoa, the first two and the last three, so we hit it in differing water conditions, starting from the top:-

Me on the approach to the Amot Gorge Me in the first stopper of the Amot Gorge

The Lagen (upperish)

My Hole My Hole - looking upstream Rescuing my paddles

The Driva

Me in the falls on the Driva
Ada Me Stig Fish

The Grovu

Ada - Meyra Falls Stig - Meyra Falls Me - Meyra Falls
Fish Close up of Fish

The Jori

Stig Fish Ada

The Lora

Falls by road bridge Ada - 3m Falls Ada - 3m Falls Fish - 3m Falls

The Setninga

Okay so now onto a few points of general gibberish,

  1. I came pretty close to changing my name to 'no shame' due to the number of spots in the book where it said 'no shame to portage here', I was generally out with the AQII on the shoulder finding out how easy moose tracks are to follow along river banks.
  2. We conducted an extensive survey of ice creams and sticky cakes, led in our research by Stig, conclusion: Norwegians like exceedingly good cakes.
  3. There is very little night life in Norway after asking several times 9 out of 10 Norwegians said they spend their evenings going out and making little Norwegians.
  4. You gotta hang around in Norway until a moose walks into your campsite. (ok so it was an Elk, but elk doesn't sound as good)
  5. Our thanks to Kevin for lending us his 1945 army issue push bike, which gave all the Norwegians a good laugh each time the shuttle bunny (sorry I mean Ada) went past.
  6. Norwegian roads can be a good laugh, especially watch out for four wheel drive chevy vans doing seventy on small gravel tracks.
  7. Dark places in Norway, in order of appearance, a. My hole (the hole that I swam out of on the Lagen), b. The railway tunnel we had to leg it through on the way to collect my paddles from the clutches of the Lagen recirculating breakout, and c. three different toilets at remote spots over the holiday (p.s remote can mean just about anywhere in Norway).

Seriously though thanks to Ada for the organisation and the van, to Stig for his wise choice of sticky buns and rescuing me on the Lagen, and to Fish for eating outside the van during his yoghurt scooby snack session :).

Fish and I playing on the snow - Dovrefell
The Boys

Sorry - this photo is not a link

Fish - on roof

Ada - on THE bike


Me - standing

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